About Bonnie Lynn


"Under the Christmas tree, along with various small toys, a simple cardboard box held my name. It was filled with construction paper, scissors, glue, sequins and bits of fabric. We didn't have much money, but my mother had given me the most wondrous gift. My 'Make It Box' was a gift of endless ideas, untold adventures and a lifetime of imagination. It was a true legacy of love."     — Bonnie Lynn

Wisconsin Artist Bonnie Lynn has used her imagination to create a niche in the gift and collectibles market.  A humble box filled with arts and crafts has led to a thriving business that has credited Bonnie Lynn as a nationally known artist. She has been published in many major magazines and designed for well-known manufacturers. 

It's not often that an artist can flourish in this competitive market. With hard work and perseverance, Bonnie Lynn has taken her artwork into the marketplace and realized her dream. From a simple box filled with arts and crafts, she has built a thriving business —one that she loves. She hopes you will inspire, create and collect your own art at Hawthorne Hill Farm.

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